Transition Time

Hello all! and apologies for a slight delay to this week's update.

There were no further delays with Brexit this week however, as at 11pm on Friday evening, almost three and a half years after the UK voted to leave the EU, the departure finally became official. For some on the Leave side, this was the moment when Britain began regaining its sovereignty; on the Remain side, others mourned the breaking of a bond between the UK and its European neighbours that has kept us close to the continent for nearly half a century. Whatever your views, it is to be hoped that the country is now able to heal the divisions that have arisen between us, and forge a united and successful path in the years ahead.

The real changes which Brexit will bring about have not yet occurred however, and won't do so until the UK leaves the "transition period" at the end of 2020. There is still a great deal of negotiating to be done this year to define our future relationship with the EU, and the final outcome is far from certain.

On the subject of Transition, while it's been a momentous week for the country, it's also been a significant one for Will Mallard. Like me, Will was looking for a specific app he wanted to use, and, finding no-one had developed such an app, decided to build it himself. As a keen triathlete, Will was after an Apple Watch app which was able to automatically detect each stage of a triathlon, and was able to record the swim, cycle and run sections separately without requiring any interaction from the user. I learned about Will's plans through the London App Brewery, where we both attended their excellent iOS development (see, and have followed Will's progress with interest these past couple of years.

On Saturday Will's app, Transition, was released to the Apple App Store and is available for free download here. The app looks fantastic - it's a very polished effort, and includes a clever feature allowing the user to start the swim activity by rotating the crown of the Apple Watch rather than touching the screen, which is usually locked when in water - anyone who has used an Apple Watch to start a swimming activity will appreciate this. It's inspiring to me to see another independent app developer succeed in getting to the finish line, and Will, I wish you every success with the app.

In the Number Ten world, I finally completed the mammoth task of Concern / Policy / Indicator / Opinion mapping last week, at least to the level where I have enough confidence in the data to be confident the data model design is robust. The focus for this week is to start building the game engine itself, which will hopefully allow me to get back to the fun of coding.

Have a great week all!


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