This Is Not A Drill!

Hello again and welcome to a brief update from Number Ten HQ, where the main story this week is that full time work on the delivery of the game is now underway! Welcome to my office for the next 6 months...

My aim is now to get a playable version 1.0 of the app out and on the App Store by the end of May 2020. I suspect the next few months are going to fly by very quickly indeed.

I've been wary of saying too much about the gameplay until now, but as things are now underway full-time I'll be sharing more details on the features planned. Every so often I do a reccie of the opposition and check out the political sims currently available on Apple and Android. I'm still yet to see anything which really matches the concept of Number Ten. Either no-one else has thought of it yet, or they have and decided and it's a terrible idea. I expect I'll find out which of these is correct soon enough.

In the political world, we are now only 11 days away from the General Election. As we're in the final days I'll be putting out more regular updates between now and next Thursday covering the prospects for all the main parties. The Conservatives still look to be on course for outright victory, but their poll leads have dipped in the last week. Labour and Jeremy Corbyn will dare to dream of a repeat of their 2017 result, when they clawed back a 22-point deficit at the start of the campaign to deny Theresa May an outright majority. Whatever the outcome, with so many MPs retiring at this election, the make-up of the House of Commons will look very different.

Thanks for your interest, speak soon,


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