Get well soon Boris

Hello again, hope you are all well and managing to cope as the lockdown continues.

Before I cover last week's progress, let me first of all wish our Prime Minister Boris Johnson the speediest of recoveries. Like everyone else, I was shocked and saddened to hear the news of him being taken into intensive care last night, and my thoughts are with him and his family and loved ones as he battles this dreadful virus. Obviously, this news casts a rather sombre mood over events, and I will keep this week's update brief.

I've now built the initial launch screens, have the master home page up and running and have started building the related views for the key party and campaign areas. I'm already finding my delivery velocity is rapidly increasing as my experience with Swift and Xcode grows. Last week I took on one of the big outstanding design tasks of the app, namely the rules engine.

I've known from the outset that getting the design of the rules engine right will be one of the key factors in making the app a success. I've had a general idea on how the engine will work for some time, but without having built an app before, I've never been fully confident that I'd be able to find a way to implement this. Last week I managed to overcome this hurdle, and in doing so I felt for the first time that I can really see the light at the end of the tunnel.

For now, my engine is very simple. It currently takes only two parameters: a flag noting whether or not the party has been launched, and the membership joining fee. If the party has been launched, the number of members starts to increase. The lower the joining fee, the more members join. It's a simple algorithm but seeing it work in the app really felt like a breakthrough moment. I now have my model, adding complexity to it is now just a question of adding to the rule set.

We're into the Easter holidays now, which means no home schooling, but with two children to entertain, full time app development is unlikely over the next two weeks. I'll keep chipping away, but like many of you I'm sure the days ahead will continue to feel somewhat strange.

Once again, take care and stay safe.


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