"Events, dear boy, events..."

Hello again! I hope you are all well and surviving the twin threats of global pandemic and toilet roll shortage. There is so much happening in the world right now that even an atrocity on the scale of yet another Julian Fellowes-penned costume drama can go by relatively unnoticed (but please ITV, no more...)

As Boris Johnson is discovering, the best-laid plans of Prime Ministers can go awry in the face of unexpected events, and the coronavirus has certainly caused him to revise his programme of government. Harold Macmillan's famous and misquoted phrase (what he actually said was that government was most likely to be knocked off course by the "opposition of events") has echoed down the years, as PMs find the challenges of the times derailing their long-cherished plans for remoulding Britain.

Thanks to those of you who had a peek at the prototype, really appreciate all the feedback. I've been building Number Ten in my own head for so long it's great to get other people's views, and I've already made a number of changes based upon the comments I've had.

While I'm sure I could happily spend a many more weeks tinkering with the layout, there comes a point where it's time to move on to the next stage in the process. I'm pleased to say that as of today, I'm ready to declare the prototyping phase over and feature planning and prioritisation underway. I know from experience that the layout will change as I move into development, but I'm comfortable that what I currently have is detailed enough to enable me to get the feature planning and technical design moving.

The latest home screen. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth spent on this last week.

The aim for this week is now to take the prototype and other design artefacts and draw up a feature list that can serve as the basis for that elusive "Release 1" MVP (that's Minimum Viable Product, for those of you not familiar with the Agile terminology). The day when I can open up Xcode and get back on full time development is coming closer! I can't wait... being able to play around with code is what got me excited when I first started playing with computers, and that hasn't really changed... once a geek, always a geek...

Also, you may have noticed a couple of changes to the website. I've never been thrilled with the loading times, I'm no expert when it comes to web hosting and it may just be a consequence of being on 1and1's cheaper package, but hopefully it performs well enough for you to be able to sign up for alerts and read the blog. I've also added a forum, I don't anticipate too many posts just yet but it's an optimistic nod to a hypothetical future where hordes of Number Ten enthusiasts meet to share tips and advice...

OK, stay safe out there, speak to you again soon,


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