Dither and Delay!

A prisoner in Number Ten? Johnson needs Corbyn's help to get the election he wants

Hello again! and apologies for the delay since the last post. I've not been dithering though...

Who'd be a political commentator? Since the last update, British politics has continued to throw up scenarios that surely no-one in their wildest dreams would have considered for a politics simulation. I'll admit I didn't know what prorogation was, let alone how to spell it.

It now looks all but certain that Boris Johnson's "do or die" deadline of October 31st to leave the EU won't be met, with Parliament insisting on a longer timeframe than the proposed 3 days given to consider the 110-page Brexit bill in full. Rather than grant the extension, the PM is now pushing for a General Election to be held in December, which would be the first such national poll to be held in the festive month since 1910. Johnson now finds himself at the mercy of the Commons yet again, with the Fixed Term Parliaments Act of 2010 demanding a two-thirds approval from the House for the dissolution of Parliament. Previous PMs have been under no such obligation, and Johnson must be cursing his fellow Old Etonian predecessor David Cameron for agreeing to introduce the bill. The Act hands the power to call the election date to the Opposition parties. Jeremy Corbyn's natural instinct is to get out on the stump and campaign, but he finds himself having to weigh this up against a range of opinion polls giving Johnson commanding leads.

Where do we go from here? With both the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition keen to get the hustings underway it seems inevitable there will be an election sooner rather than later, but don't be surprised if we see yet more Dither and Delay (this year's "Strong and Stable", surely) before the date is announced.

Since the last update I've been continuing to chip away at Number Ten as time permits. I now have Fridays fully devoted to development. It's been great to be able to spend time on the app during normal working hours, and the extra development time is really starting to speed things up. I'm now targeting the first half of next year to get a playable version out to you.

That's the target anyway - I won't be claiming I'd rather die in a ditch than miss the deadline. There's way too much happening in the world of politics for that!

all the best


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