Across the finishing line

Hi all! It's been some time since I wrote. Hope you are OK and surviving Lockdown Three. I'm sure we're all hoping it's the last in the series.

First off, I should explain the reasons for my extended silence. As I mentioned in the last blog, I put Number Ten on hold for a bit, having established that delivering the app in the timescales planned (i.e. before the money ran out!) was not realistic. In its place I've been working on my intervals app, the admittedly dubiously-named Fartlek Interval Trainer.

I'm delighted to be able to announce that the full first release of the app is now live on the App Store and you can download it here.

FiT is on the App Store! Fame at last (well, along with 2 million other app publishers)

I initially submitted the app to the App Store in November last year. I'd been warned that the whole submission process was a tortuous affair, that Apple's gatekeepers were so strict and stringent that it was best to get the process underway as soon as possible, in order to avoid a long wait for approval. With that in mind, I made my first submission before the full "Version 1.0" functionality was complete. As this was my first attempt, I fully expected Apple to come back with a long list of fixes and changes. Instead, to my complete surprise, I woke on a Sunday morning to find an email waiting for me telling me my app had been approved first time and was ready for sale. "Bloody hell", I thought, with senses of both "wow, I've done it!" and "shoot, better finish the thing now!" racing through my mind. Being slightly embarrassed at the simplicity of the first release, I've waited until the full app was built before publicising it too much, but I'm now ready to spread the word.

So although this is a Number Ten blog, I hope you don't mind me saying a few words about my new creation (interspersed with some clips from the iPhone and Watch versions below).

First of all, it's completely free to use. I have added some small and not-too-intrusive advertising which you can pay a small retainer to remove, but for now I'm just keen to see how popular it will be as a free download.

Secondly, it's available for iPhone and Apple Watch only. I've already had a few requests for an Android version, but while I'd love to be able to offer it for all platforms, for now I'm afraid you'll have to have a fruit-based logo on the device to use it. If you do have an Apple Watch, you can use it without needing the iPhone app, but if you do have both, they will stay in sync.

Thirdly, all data recorded by the app syncs automatically with Apple Health. Any workouts you do using FiT (as it's called for short - see what I did there...) are instantly available in Health including active calories, heart rate, segments and the workout route. So you can use the app when you want to do some interval training and still have all the calories and workout minutes included in your daily totals.

Where to now? Well, I have a few more app ideas which I'd love to bring to market - some of these are also fitness-related, and I'll be using my new-found knowledge of the whole Apple Watch and HealthKit eco-systems (and my growing code base) to take them forward. Number Ten isn't dead by any means, but I'm afraid it is going to be in cold storage for some time. So for those of you waiting keenly for its release, I can only apologise for breaking the cardinal rule "never over-promise and under-deliver"... although some might suggest that puts me in good company with our own PM, that wasn't my intention when I started this blog. I'm sure by 2035 we will have managed between us to have given this virus a bloody nose and got Number Ten on the App Store.

Thanks again for your interest and continued support. Stay safe and hopefully speak soon,


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